Organizational Challenges & Trends

Talent Retention

Since the “War for Talent” will be on-going in many industries, Career Growth can provide innovative strategies to help your organization attract and retain the best talent. Our talent retention experts will review your turnover data and employee satisfaction survey results, and meet with your internal stakeholders before suggesting solutions – such as:

  • Career Connections – a career planning and management solution
  • Updated supervisory/management training to address generational and cultural differences that impact performance and engagement
  • Expanded on-boarding activities that foster commitment
  • Programs and services that appeal to different groups of employees: remote work options, flex time, learning and development, mentoring, company sponsored “perks” (day care, gyms, concierge, dining, car pools)

Inclusion & Engagement

Research has identified several reasons for dis-engagement of employees:

  • Increased workload with no reward
  • Limited education and development opportunities
  • Lack of “relationships” due to reliance on technology
  • Inadequately trained supervisors and managers
  • Internal competition and fear that undermines teamwork
  • Technology and standardization of processes that results in “human automation” and subsequent boredom and detachment
  • Lack of support for work/life balance needs

Once we identify the causes, we can provide solutions that include:

  • Updating of management training curriculum
  • Modifying human capital asset development and management processes
  • Modifying performance appraisal process
  • Implementing desired programs – mentoring, tuition assistance, comp time, working remotely

Click here for Fortune 500 Henkel case study


Starting “Right” for Ensuring Lasting Results for the Employee and the Company
By starting the employment experience “right,” you can get new hires off to a fast start – becoming productive quickly – and create a sense of belonging, awareness and knowledge about the new organization they have joined.   Career Growth can help your organization implement the following components of a successful on-boarding strategy.

First: recognize that onboarding is a process.  It is not a one hour or one day program. Onboarding is an ongoing process involving the new employee, as well as others in the organization.

Second: gain commitment from all levels of the organization.   Commitment and support of all levels for the onboarding process helps to ensure consistency and continuity of practices and recognition for the new employee as well as the organization.

Third:  engage employee’s feelings of belonging and contributing to their new position, the function and the organization.

Career Growth provides workshops to help your organization develop a “State of the Art” on-boarding plan or you can engage our consultants to work with your team in evaluating your current practices and in developing and implementing a new process.

Cultural Competency

Cultural competency is having the attitude, knowledge and skills to interact effectively in a business environment with people from different cultures by understanding differences in:

  • Values & Beliefs
  • Business Culture: Behaviors, Customs, Norms
  • History, Experiences

Cultural Competency is required for individual contributors, leaders and managers who function in a multi-cultural environment with associates, customers, suppliers, and global partners. The ability to adapt to cultural differences, communicate and engage others appropriately, and manage issues and problems in a variety of cultural contexts is critical to job performance and success.

Career Growth is currently integrating cultural intelligence and competency into its curriculum. With its partner, Global LT, the Global Leadership series and the Talent Development Across Cultures series have been developed. In addition, Global LT can provide culture specific training, translation services, language training and expatriate relocation services.