Global Leadership Skills

This program is specifically designed for leaders and managers who function in a multi-cultural environment with associates, customers, suppliers, vendors, global partners and alliances – either in an expatriate situation, as a global manager, or as a manager within their home country. Their success requires a high level of cultural competency, unique interpersonal skills, and adaptable behaviors. Programs are designed for:

  • Emerging Leaders and High Potentials – a new leadership development curriculum that imbeds cultural competencies into traditional skill development classes, such as communicating, interpersonal skills, conflict resolution, motivating, problem solving
  • Experienced Leaders without global experience – a companion program to your organization’s existing leadership and development curriculum to develop new skills for being effectiveo9 working within non-Anglo Saxon based cultures
  • Experienced Leaders with global experience – a mentoring and coaching approach to address the challenges of experienced leaders who are not meeting performance expectations due to cultural challenges

Customization of Global Leadership courses: This program is specifically designed for the individual contributor who functions in a multi-cultural environment with associates, customers, and suppliers and whose ability to adapt to cultural differences, communicate and engage others appropriately, and manage issues and problems in a variety of cultural contexts is critical to their job performance and success. All of the global leadership development courses can be customized for specific cultural needs — for example, specific differences between American and Japanese cultures.

Talent Development Across Cultures: Talent Development Across Cultures is a series of courses to develop skills, adaptive behaviors and competencies that will improve the ability of associates at all levels to understand, communicate and interact with culturally diverse co-workers, customers, suppliers and partners.

Courses include:

  • Communications that Build Bridges: Across Cultures
  • Creating Coalitions and Collaboration: Across Cultures
  • Dealing with Conflict: Across Cultures
  • Getting Things Done: Across Cultures
  • Coaching and Motivating Others: Across Cultures

Leading and Managing High Performing Teams: Locally, Remotely and Virtually: This “ready to go” two day program is for team leaders with teams that are: multi-cultural, and/or  co-located, and/or interacting virtually, and/or working in different languages, time zones, business cultures.

Cultural Training:  Through our partner, Global –LT, culture specific training can be provided for leaders preparing for an ex-pat assignment.

Business Drivers

  • Global operations – workforce, customers, suppliers, partners from a variety of cultural backgrounds
  • Remote and virtual interactions that magnify cultural challenges
  • Lack of cultural competency in Americans – they “don’t know” what they “don’t know” relative to other cultures.
  • Decrease in “American way” of doing business in multi-national organizations
  • Increasingly diverse workforce in US