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This preview contains the first thirty fives pages of the 160 page Career MakeOver Guide and provides you with an overview of the 6 Steps. It gets you started on the first two steps to planning a new career!

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6 Steps to a New Career

This e-workbook is a self-paced, step-by-step guide for redesigning your career and your life – and is the key to finding greater satisfaction, engagement and reward in your employment. Written in easy to understand language, the Career MakeOver Guide takes you through the process of identifying your interests and talents and defining what you want in your career/life. The end result is a comprehensive plan for reaching your career goals.

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Myer-Briggs (MBTI) Assessment and Reports

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI) instrument is the most trusted and widely used assessment in the world for understanding individual differences and identifying effective ways to work and interact with others. It is a powerful tool in career planning as it helps identify career options based on your identified:

  • Personality characteristics
  • Working style
  • Problem solving approach
  • Communication preferences
  • Compatibility with different types of people
  • Process for analyzing information and events

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The Strong Interest Inventory®

The Strong Interest Inventory is the world’s most well researched, most reliable and most accurate career assessment. The Strong Interest Inventory helps you discover the careers that match your interests – what you like to do, what you like to learn about, what you care about. The process will analyze your interests relative to one hundred and thirty different career fields. In the Career MakeOver program, the Strong Interest Inventory is recommended for individuals who want to identify different occupations/careers, sensing that their current path needs to be altered.

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Next Steps:

  • Order the Strong Interest Inventory. The price includes the Strong Interest Inventory and a consultation with a career coach to help interpret your report and its application to your career planning. Buy Now
  • Upon placing your order, you will receive the link to the Strong Interest Inventory via e-mail and specific instructions for taking the Strong Interest Inventory.
  • You can take the Strong Interest Inventory at your convenience.
  • We will email your Strong Interest Inventory custom report within twenty four hours of completion along with information for scheduling your interpretation session with a career coach. The thirty minute session can be conducted via phone or Skype.

Career Counselor/Coach

At Career Growth Associates, Inc., we have a team of certified career counselors and coaches who can help you develop a career plan using the Career MakeOver model. We are available to assist you through the six step process – providing you with support and direction as you navigate the process. Having worked with thousands of individuals, we can anticipate some of the challenges you will experience during this journey.

You can purchase career counseling/coaching time when you need it. Thirty minute appointments are available are your convenience between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM EST and can be conducted via phone or Skype.

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